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Happy New Year - So Now What?

Almost three weeks into 2019, and like quite a few people this time of year, I have spent most of it sick. Maybe it was just my body's way of releasing all of 2018 and making room for what is yet to come.

But what exactly will that be?

And whatever it could possibly be is of course always subject to change.

So, why worry about it?

I hear myself saying, "just be in the moment" -- and I happen to like this moment of being, and then the thought sneaks in that it will be morning soon and plans will be executed, and traffic will be dealt with, and how do I hold on to this moment of now? But, that's just it.... you can't hold on to anything. Nothing. Nada.

Which gets me thinking of the whole allowance process -- being in the flow of alignment of what is.

When you're in that flow, things seem to come to you. Not that you don't work for it, but it seems that opportunities present themselves that may not otherwise if you were really forcing something to happen. It's almost like your molecules are working with the universe when you find yourself in a state of just being.

And then all of a sudden some weird funky thought comes into mind questioning everything - like it shouldn't be this easy, or why is that person being a #*$(@!, or you think, wow, I need to hold on to this feeling of just feeling awesome, and then bam, out of nowhere there's an obstacle of some sort because the natural flow of allowing becomes congested with doubt, worry and maybe even a little fear.

But eh. Acknowledge it, and let it go, and boom, you find yourself in the state of allowance again.

So what will 2019 bring? Possibly the transcendence of hope and fear? A clear pathway to joy and love in every moment? I have my list, yet I know that really doesn't matter. For me, it's all about allowing my alignment with self - heart, mind, body, soul - to be in flow with all that is. At this moment, anyway.

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Always so much more fun to paint when in the flow...

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