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Bringing Mother Mary to Life in XL: The Temptation of Christ

Director Douglas Vail started production of his independent feature of XL: The Temptation of Christ (written by Reed Lackey) just over two years ago with Faithworks Pictures. It was one of those projects that had several obstacles thrown at him, yet he did it! He built a solid team around him and made it happen with faith, strength, courage, and integrity.

I came in rather late to the party as Yeshua's mother, Mary of Nazareth. Not the icon seen in churches, but the woman who was a wife and mother -- a mother impregnated by Divinity. God, if you will. During a time when a woman would be killed if she was impregnated by a man other than her husband. (I'd like to think that doesn't happen anymore, but that's another blog.)

This young woman had to trust. Wholly and completely, and with love. That was her only option. No money, no power, no influence -- just love and trust to give birth to a child that would not only change the world, but save it by bringing a Christ Consciousness to everyone if they so chose it.

Exploring the character and finding her within me (and me within her), began my journey of the realization of heart consciousness and expansion. Mary of Nazareth, Mother Mary, or the Virgin Mary -- she has many names -- was indeed the Divine Feminine as a human woman who lived her life through the wisdom of her heart. That place connected to Source (God) that acknowledges love in all things, in all people without judgment as it knows we are all one, yet still knows and exercises discernment and boundaries.

The film is about Yeshua's forty days in the desert. As part of his journey, he remembers his youth as he is confronted with temptations to veer him from his path. I can't help but feel that so much of the story rings true today. We are faced with things we know aren't good for us, yet we do it anyway. Is it because we really don't pay attention? Or not allowing ourselves to be mindful of our actions? Is it we have been taught to live from our mind and not our heart?

Is it we have forgotten about balance and alignment? The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are within all of us. It is possible to allow both aspects to flow freely. It goes back to "know thyself."

As Mary of Nazareth, the mother and the wife, I came to realize learning to truly know yourself with acceptance and love, and allowing growth and evolution is a gift. Learning to truly trust yourself in the moment takes faith and courage. We all have different processes, different beliefs, yet we are all the same really. We are all love. No matter what happens.

Sophia Louisa Lee and Cazzey Louis Cereghino as Mary and Joseph of Nazareth

More about Faithworks Picture's XL:The Temptation of Christ can be found at: www.faithworkspictures.org.

Shayan Ardalan as Yeshua

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